Your exhibition for Education, Jobs, Career Opportunities and Further Training in Health and Caring Professions


PflegeKompass Exhibition will be realized as a digital event – this means that visitors and exhibitors can fully participate digitally for the first time!

Visitors will have the opportunity to interact with the exhibitors in the same way as on site:

After the lectures, which will be streamed live, there will be 10 minutes for Q&A sessions via text chat. The roundtables, which are designed as video or audio chats with a limited amount of participants, present the opportunity for informal discussions about a certain topic with a representative of one of the exhibitors. 

Exhibitors present themselves to visitors at their personalized, virtual exhibition stands and can be directly contacted via video, audio or text chats and / or separate appointments.

All of the lectures and informational videos will be available on demand in our Mediathek until the end of the year.

Register for the exhibitions for free HERE – digital, nation-wide, on-demand for an entire year!